Serendipity or Devine Intervention?

1978625_10153922085055014_2035187244_n Liam's Family

December 2006

From Jessi (Barrus) Morgan to Her Missionary Sister

(Side note from Roy Barrus. I found this tonight while thumbing through my letters to my daughters. I needed to include this as a postscript to my last post.  This was a time when the dream/vision of my daughter struggling and ultimately overcoming was an anchor that I could cling to. Though in the dream that daughter was Lynsey, I knew that it was equally valid for Jessi and ultimately she would come around if I would learn the lesson taught to me.)


It’s good to hear that you are doing well where you are. I have been thinking a lot about you and praying for you to be safe and strong and obedient in your trials in Ireland. I can’t imagine the kind of day you have, getting things thrown at you and what not… crazy!

I bet it’s hard to find people open to learning the Gospel in the country, so we’ll be praying for you.

Yea, the Irish-Montanans are huge drinkers. In fact, Mike and I went to an office party last night, a guy at work retired, and we were at a pizza place, not even a bar, and people were getting so SLOSHED. It’s scary, because you know those same dumb people are going to drive home and think they’re fine. Judi, one of my coworkers, is the funniest! She gets so lovey and huggy and weepy… Kind of like I hear Grandma Fern used to get.

I don’t know if you were just asking for Mom and Dad’s conversion stories, but I thought I’d give you a quick paragraph about mine – I may have told you this before. When I went to jail, it was just the culmination of everything bad happening in my life. I’d been drinking and doing drugs with friends, I’d stopped going to church, stopped caring about anything beyond what I was feeling “today”. When I got arrested for those speeding tickets that I’d stopped paying, I hit rock bottom. I felt so abandoned by everyone: mom, dad, the guy I was practically engaged to, my friends… and do you know who kept coming to visit me? Bishop Smith. He was the one person who could get in there to talk to me anytime (in jail, you have one day a week that people can visit you on, but clergy, like Bishops, can come ANYTIME) and I realized that I was not alone. (Side note, if anyone walks into my office they’re going to wonder why I’m crying). While I was there, I felt the real, healing power of Christ’s atonement. It was for me, and even though the next year or so of my life was really tough, getting my life straightened out, I knew it was worth it, so that I could never be alone again. It was the best and hardest experience for me to go through, one that I’ll never forget.

It only seems fitting that I tell you how much I love this Gospel. It really is a plan of happiness. Without the love and mercy of Christ, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I have to get back to work now, but I wanted to let you know we’re thinking about you and praying for you, and starting tomorrow, Mike and I will have internet at home, so I’ll be able to email more often! We love you, Sister Barrus!

Love, Jessi


December 2006           Reply From Dad


I love both my girls. I loved your testimony. I am so proud of where you are and what you have become. We are all kind of peers now. We are in the time of our lives when we are giving back for all of the things we have been given (even though Heavenly Father continues to give and love and teach). I love sharing our testimonies and strengthening others. Keep it up.

I had sent some emails that you didn’t get copied on with stories of my testimony and what it is based on. I want my grandchildren and children to know them so I am copying you. I will try to remember to copy you in the future.

I love you and Mike a ton!

Love Dad

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