img001familyLiam's Family

I was born Roy Lynn Barrus to goodly parents on October 2, 1958 in Ashton, Idaho. I am the second of 9 children; 5 boys and 4 girls. My father and mother were both teachers by education but Mom was a home maker while her children were in the home. Dad was a high school instructor of religion (seminary) and a farmer. We lived on the furthest farm out bordering the high plateau desert.  I spent many nights sleeping in the fields with Dad and my brothers as we flood irrigated one field then the next.

I was a quiet young man, introverted in school but outgoing with my family and few close friends.  I had one key experience in my teens that made a very large mark on my life and gave me something to cling to through the rougher years.  It was a personal experience with God that was out of the blue but absolutely unmistakeable.  I will share this experience early in my blog.

After high school and before college I served a 2 year Mormon mission to Thailand which was another life changing experience. These were 2 intensely concentrated years of tutelage by a loving Heavenly Father that rounded out my immature understanding of God and His ways. I will share these experiences.

I was married in Idaho Falls, Idaho to Jodi (JoAnne) Harker on June 26, 1980. This marked the beginning if the real growth and learning period of my life.  Jodi is my sweet heart and my anchor though I have been a trial for her. We have 2 girls, 2 sons in law and 5 grand children (one 5 months out).

I am now 55 years old (2013) and am currently a Molding Engineer for ICU Medical in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have spent 20+ years working with young men and Boy Scouts, helping them grow from boys into men of faith and virtues. I never volunteered but served when asked.  It took away from my family, I thought, but gave back when both of my daughters married Eagle Scouts who had been guided by other men as they grew in faith and virtues.

My passions are now my grandchildren and introducing them to the wonders of nature, fly fishing and exploring the great outdoors, and horses and horsemanship which has taught me a thing or two about life.  As I get older my passions are focused around my family.  They are my greatest treasures.

I continue to have experiences with my loving and patient Father in Heaven and love to share my working knowledge of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ along with the purpose, peace and happiness it provides me.


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