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Council from a Father to his Daughter

17 December 2006                    From Dad to his Missionary Lynsey, Well, you asked me to tell you the story about my determination to be completely obedient and my experience in prayer. There are so many stories that lead up to … Continue reading

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Serendipity or Devine Intervention?

December 2006 From Jessi (Barrus) Morgan to Her Missionary Sister (Side note from Roy Barrus. I found this tonight while thumbing through my letters to my daughters. I needed to include this as a postscript to my last post.  This … Continue reading

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All I Did Was Ask

It was 4:30 am and I had just awakened from a haunting dream that left me sweating and rattled. It was not a typical dream. It was still so vivid in its detail and would not leave me. It was … Continue reading

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It Happened On the Way from Bangkok to Malaysia

I sat in an ancient teak paneled passenger car on a train from Bangkok down the Malaysian peninsula to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. My visa was about to expire and I had been called into the mission office in Bangkok to … Continue reading

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My Most Prized Possession and Valued Treasure

Before I divulge to you my most prized and valued treasure, let me ask you a question. What constitutes value? With what do you measure wealth? Do you have a proven value system that passes the tests of time? I … Continue reading

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Motherhood Trumps Priesthood

That’s a controversial statement but let me explain. I write this blog entry to all mothers, but specifically to my own mother, my wife and my two beautiful daughters who are now mothers with children of their own. Everything of … Continue reading

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